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Northampton, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/06/2017 -- It facilitates the claims process and helps shorten the time taken. There have been many instances in which PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) has been mis-sold and people who wish to know more on the subject can consider the aforementioned website. It is a platform that helps users to know whether they have PPI and the same is provided free of cost. There are several other paid services that can be perused as well.

Whenever a person applies for any loans or credit card, he or she is typically made aware of PPI. It is a policy which helps people to make the repayments under certain circumstances. However, the inclusion of a PPI increases the charges involved. It is common practice with certain lenders to include the PPI clause in the fine print so that the respective debtor is not aware of the same and continues to pay extra.

There are many ways of knowing whether or not a person in covered by PPI. The website at iSmart allows it for free. They are believed to have a simple form which needs to be completed by interested users and the results are provided for free. The person can then choose to complaint against the lender and/or claim for a refund. The latter part is taken care of by the representatives of iSmart without any hassles.

The website says, "Whilst you are free to make your own claims against individual lenders and get back the money, we offer the same services so that you would not have to face the rigmarole. We aim to make it shorter and simpler for you. Just give us your details and we will take care of the rest. It is a complete platform for any PPI related queries. Our fee structure is competitive and we offer experts' advice on any such matters."

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The website claims that it typically takes 2 and a half months and it is a lengthy procedure. People who have been mis-sold PPI can find it to be daunting. There is a lot of information on how to go about it and the various steps involved. Apart from this, the website also contains details on how to take the complaint to the financial ombudsman.

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