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PR Ultimate Showcases PR Rich Media Release Service to Help Companies Gain Exposure

Good PR is 88 percent more effective than branded marketing. PR Ultimate showcases PR Rich Media Release service at to help business owners achieve maximum visibility.


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/06/2015 -- In this day and age, there are so many industries becoming overcrowded with "me too" companies who are trying to copy their way to success with branded content marketing as their only advertising strategy. However, a recent study conducted by Nielsen shows the effectiveness of public relations beats branded content marketing by eighty-eight percent. For business owners, this means putting a focus on PR is a must if they want to reach their target audience with their brand message.

In order to assist business owners in accomplishing this goal, PR Ultimate recently showcased their PR Rich Media Release service. This service includes more than just distribution for an expertly-written press release. Instead, the service can be described as a hybrid media exposure strategy that includes a press release along with other elements like images, video, motivational quotes, website links, and search engine optimization. With this PR Rich Media Release service, PR Ultimate also disseminates a company's message using social media, online content, and extended media distribution.

Bruce Hanaan, a spokesperson for PR Ultimate, stated "The approach we take with our PR Rich Media Release service dramatically improves the positive results companies are able to get from a PR campaign. Based on the information we gather, our team takes the time to carefully craft a compelling story about the business. This story could be anything newsworthy like a product name change, the introduction of a new product, or even a new website launch. Because the distribution that comes with this service focuses on a wide range of outlets like media outlets, major U.S. newspapers, content partners, and social media, PR Ultimate is able to guarantee a certain level of success on every PR Rich Media Release we do."

As Hanaan explains, "Both research and our experience with the public shows that consumers display a higher degree of trust when they receive information from a credible third-party source like established newspapers, social media, or a news outlet. The same simply cannot be said of branded content coming directly from the company. Making PR a major part of a business' marketing strategy is smart because it allows the company to build trust and credibility with their target market."

"In every case, the pr ultimate team wants to achieve mass exposure for the businesses who take advantage of our PR Rich Media Release service," says Hanaan. "The credible links resulting from this strategy stay online for years, continuing to bring SEO benefits as well as massive credibility to a business. As positive media exposure continues to expand, business growth and development is likely to follow."

About PR Ultimate
PR Ultimate, which is the public relations arm of Innovated Inc., is a company focused on the idea of providing solutions for public relations that are at once unique, innovative, and thoroughly tested for their ability to get results. With under-promising and over-delivering as their core client service principle, PR Ultimate is able to help clients project the professional image they desire for their brand. Although the PR Ultimate team is technologically advanced, they still believe in providing personal support for their clients and building strong, lasting relationships with them. As a company, PR Ultimate wants to be known for their unmatched service and impeccable track record for getting results.