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Practical Travel Gear Announces an Increase in Millennial Travel

Travel agents have seen an increase of up to 25 percent in travel among this age group, reports


Boise, ID -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/28/2015 -- reports Millennials are traveling now more than ever. More than 50 percent of travel agents state they have seen an increase in clients falling into this age group, with up to 25 percent of new business coming from these clients. In addition, 34 percent of Millennials say they wish to take more vacations in 2016, with 10 percent stating they plan to increase their budget. Individuals who plan to travel in the upcoming months need gear designed for this purpose, and Practical Travel Gear provides a new detailed review every weekday.

"Millennials aren't the only ones planning to travel in the upcoming year. Travel Market Report states individuals plan to travel more for wellness purposes also. In fact, 90 percent of travel agents report they expect to see an increase in wellness travel, the highest percentage since this survey began eight years ago. This appears to be due to higher stress levels, an increased concern in health and wellness and more information regarding wellness travel. Other factors playing a role in this include an aging population, more demanding work environments and more vacation opportunities geared toward health and wellness," Chris Guill, spokesperson for, reports.

Individuals prefer to travel in a variety of ways. Some go by airplane, yet others prefer to explore the country by RV and camp at their desired destinations. Each travel method features its own advantages and drawbacks, and individuals need to bear this in mind when planning their journey. Carry-on luggage becomes a concern when journeying by plane, yet finding the right backpack is of great importance when camping and hiking. Travel clothing also plays a role in the planning of a trip.

"Practical Travel Gear understands this and covers a wide variety of products, from camping gear and travel accessories to travel backpacks and clothing. The goal is to help each individual find what they need to help make their trip perfect from start to finish. Dress shoes are covered, along with Nano Towels and Moon Mitts, as this helps to ensure every site visitor finds exactly what they require," Guill continues.

Travel tips and deals help to determine the success of a trip also, thus the site covers information on amazing destinations, travel deals and travel hacks. Learn how to avoid lines at popular tourist destinations, uncommon destinations that shouldn't be missed and 40 things to pack to be prepared for anything. The more a traveler knows, the easier the journey will be from start to finish.

"Before planning any trip, visit Practical Travel Gear for great information. There is something on the site for everyone. It's a great resource for the new and seasoned traveler alike, and a site that every individual should bookmark," Guill exclaims.

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