Practically Easy Method to Solve High Consumption of Toner HP

The high consumption of Toner HP laserjet on HP laser printer has become common problem for most of HP laser printer user. However, with practically easy method, like use low resolution printing setting, right font style and different printer to print different type of document, this problem can be solved easily.


Jatinegara, Indonesia -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/06/2013 -- Laser printer is known as the printer that can produce high quality printing result. Unlike inkjet printer, the laser printer use toner as the ink. However, the laser printer also has same problem when it use toner, like the inkjet printer. The problem is the printer consumes too much toner. HP printer is also having this similar Toner HP problem.

However, it doesn’t means that this problem can be solved easily. It’s all depending on how the printer user uses the printer and adjusts its setting.

The first method that can be used to save the Toner HP consumption is adjusting the resolution into the lower resolution. Most of HP printer has this feature. The high quality printing resolution is usually set around 1200 Dpi.

This resolution will be very useful, if the image or text that printed with the HP printer will be used as poster or banner, which needs high resolution printing result, so, people can comfortably see it and get the message in the poster or banner. But, if it’s only for personal need, like printing image for document, the 300 Dpi is enough. It won’t give different look, except if the image is resized into bigger image. HP printer also has Toner Saver feature that can reduce the toner consumption. This feature also helps to solve the problem.

The font choices also have big effect on the toner consumption. Some of font consume more than other font, which make that font style need more toner or ink to print. This problem can be solved by using eco friendly font that can be found easily on the internet. Most of HP printer also use color toner when it is used for printing black color document or image. This is surely one of the causes of problem that make the usage of toner become so high. Many people try to use different printer to solve this problem. Laser printer is used for printing color image and text and cheap monochrome printer for printing text only. Using DRAFT mode is also one of solution to solve the high consumption of toner HP laser printer.

Saving the consumption of Toner HP laserjet isn’t only making the printer work more effectively. It’s also proved that it can save more money that used to replace and refill the cartridge. In other hand, by making the printer work effectively, this will help earth to restore from global warming bad effect.

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