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Practice Marketing Blog Offers Practical Tips for Chiropractors


Richmond, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/30/2013 -- Many new chiropractors probably wonder how some of their peers are rolling in money and patients, since new practices often struggle to get off of the ground.  Many do not realize it, but there is more to chiropractic marketing than meets the eye.

The average chiropractor often graduates with a ton of debt from the sheer expense of their medical education.  Add to this the expenses of paying a staff, insurance and taxes, and the financial burden of being a new practice owner adds up quickly.

Many chiropractors turn to their local paper and announce their practice to try to find new patients.  However, this can be a very cold market because so many people are reluctant to change, even if they are not thrilled with their current treatment providers.

Practice Promotions has some practical tips to help grow a successful chiropractic practice, including creating eye-popping chiropractic websites and distributing chiropractic brochures .  These tips are meant for the fledging practice owner who is looking to establish themselves as a competent and trustworthy leader in his or her field.

“Mostly, it will all come down to marketing.  If you are able to market yourself as a professional, new patients will come.  Of course, there is more to it than that, but that is why we offer done-for-you solutions to chiropractic marketing, such as our chiropractic newsletter ,” said Neil Trickett Owner/CEO of Practice Promotions.

Several categories and blogs are available to read and peruse for some down-to-earth and reasonable suggestions to keep a private practice open and working at the maximum possible efficiency with patients and employees.

“A physician cannot survive without patients.  We help you find them,” said Trickett.

About Practice Promotions
With many years of experience in physical therapy and chiropractic marketing, Practice Promotions brings knowledge of the market and powerful practice marketing materials that target getting new patients, winning doctor referrals, increasing word of mouth, and building your local market presence in an easy, quick, and affordable manner.

More information is available on the site.  Visit to learn more about bringing patients to your door.

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