PracticePanther's Revolutionary Law Practice Management Software Accepting Beta Users Today

PracticePanther offers a revolutionary approach to law firm practice management software, and has just opened its doors to beta users. The software aims to disrupt the legal industry with the most comprehensive, secure, and intuitive solution on the market today.


Miami, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/20/2014 -- Managing a law firm can require a whole department unto itself, as the business of billing and trust account management, are both essential elements to a successful law practice. Fortunately for law firms of all sizes, huge efficiencies both in terms of reducing outstanding invoices and in case management are now becoming possible thanks to the revolutionary law practice management software created by PracticePanther. They have just started accepting invitations to join its early beta release for forward-thinking modern attorneys and firms.

Users can expect specialized and custom features designed especially for lawyers, firms, and paralegals. After interviewing many colleagues and firms, the two partners realized there was a big problem with current solutions today. Many programs offer the basics but don’t offer thorough features on the most sensitive parts of the business, such as payments and billing. “Imagine being able to email a bill to your customer, get an email alert as soon as they viewed it, and then have automated email reminders to pay the balance”, says David from PracticePanther. “That is just a taste of what someone can expect from PracticePanther”.

For firms that deal with international clientele or that work outside of the US – they will be able to invoice customers in any currency worldwide as well as translate an invoice to any language of their choice. Reports are exportable to excel for your accountant and makes managing a legal practice that much easier.

With these impressive new features, their legal case management software for law firms enables companies of all scales, whether just starting out or a fully established global leader, to effectively manage every aspect of their practice from a single application. The software manages billing, case management, time entries, clients, task management, calendars, client records, and much more.

The application requires no software, no installation or setup, and is hosted online in the cloud as a web-based app with 128-bit military grade SSL encryption for the ultimate in security.

By offering a mobile version of their site, users can quickly access all features and functionality from their smartphone or tablet as the screen automatically resizes. “Imagine sitting in a courtroom, hearing, or mediation and being able to quickly pull up the necessary and relevant case information or documents needed on the spot in real-time” says David.

A separate spokesperson for PracticePanther explained, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of the latest beta version of our software, and currently accepting invitations to access the public beta. Law firms can already start entering their names to the waitlist to be approved in coming weeks. They will be able to test the software, provide feedback, and start improving the productivity and organization of their firms within days. This software will without a doubt disrupt the legal software industry as we know it.”

Current beta customers have experienced an increase in communication between partners and paralegals, improvements in calendaring, an increase in teamwork, and a reduction in stress and disruptions during daily operations from door-to-door questions.

One beta customer reported “By having everything online, there is no more need to keep a stack of papers and rummage through them on a daily basis. Everything is neatly organized into their digital folders under each case with special access to certain key members of our firm.”

About PracticePanther
PracticePanther is the latest law practice management software for lawyers and law firms around the world. Packed with an arsenal of features designed exclusively for lawyers, firms across the globe can quickly get started without any training needed as the software is intuitive, user friendly, and easy to use. Lawyers and firms can request access to the public beta with a dedicated account manager once approved. For more information please visit: