PRANK.FM Launches on April Fools' Day to Help Users Laugh & Relieve Stress


Honolulu, HI -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2013 -- PRANK.FM Launches a Humor Website on April Fools’ Day to show the importance of April Fools’ Day and how it plays a role in our Culture & Society, along with how it helps the humanity to bond with each other.

“April Fools’ Day allows us to forget about our stress & worries for a few precious moments; relieve tension by laughter, bond with our family & friends” says Vashel Havan from PRANK.FM, a humor site which launches today and is dedicated to presenting Pranks from around the world, with a tag line of ‘For Everyone Who Loves a Prank’

PRANK.FM is dedicated to presenting Prank videos & news from around the world with Pranks from April Fools’ Day pranks, funny pranks, wedding pranks, Halloween pranks, phone pranks, College pranks to pranks made just to make you laugh.

“Our site is for anyone who wants to take a break from their daily stress & tension, challenges of life and wants to have a good laugh each day when they wish to” says Vashel.

Top 5 Reasons April Fools’ Day is Important to Us.

1) Relieves Tension: “Humor ameliorates the tensions that exist in society. I would suggest that this would be a much more violent society if not for all this humor” Joseph Boskin, professor emeritus of history at Boston University according to

2) Vent up Built Energy: “It’s a way to vent built up energy and tension” said Alex Boese, curator of his website called Museum of Hoaxes. He also mentioned that “it’s a ritual of enforcing the social norm of good behavior, because they have to accept the social norms again at the end of the day”

3) Enhances Bonding & Strengthens Relationships: “Pulling pranks on your siblings is also important for bonding, such as being able to joke and poke fun with others to build social relationships and laughter which relieves stress and can be good for your health” according to Jennifer Welsh of LiveScience. Psychologist Jason Chin who conducted a study on the experience of being duped says that aside from the relief of stress that comes with prank induced laughter, a practical joke can also contribute to the strengthening of a relationship and encourage self-reflection

4) Teasing with Trust: Uses the connection between teasing and trust during a prank in a fun way. “Teasing is connected with, a sense of trust and we can play these games with each other and we trust each other sufficiently that we won’t get angry, that we will be friends afterward, despite this momentary uncomforting initial moments. Pranks are an example of that” according to Gary Alan Fine, a sociologist at Northwestern University in Illinois

5) Self-Development: “Pranks and hoaxes specifically play an important role in development from childhood to adulthood where we have to learn that not everything people say is true and that element plays a deep part of our psyche, making April Fools’ Day a constant reminder to us of the passage from childhood to adulthood” according to Alex Boese

An easy to use website just launched via http://PRANK.FM/ offers visitors a bundle of laughs. For April Fools’ Day Pranks visit our April Fools’ Day channel at:

PRANK.FM is a humor is a Humor site dedicated to bringing you the sense of humor from a Prank presented from around the World. PRANK.FM “For Everyone Who Loves a Prank”. From funny pranks, phone pranks, wedding pranks, Halloween pranks, scary pranks, college pranks to pranks made just to make you laugh.

Vashel Havan
Chief Editor, PRANK.FM
Honolulu, Hawaii, 96815

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