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PRC Book Printing Service Announces Book Printing Services for 2014

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Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/18/2013 -- PRC Book Printing Service is pleased to announce they are bringing in the New Year by celebrating the evolution of books over the centuries. Like hair styles, fashion trends, and taste in music, book styles have changed from decade to decade. The style of a book that has changed over time includes the images and artwork on the cover of the book, as well as the style of the interior pages. With the styles always changing, PRC Book Printing Service is committed to helping independent publishers make their book stand out. By using the premium book printing services offered by PRC, customers could have the next break out book of the decade.

As an industry leader of offset book printing, PRC Book Printing Service sets the standards of hardcover, soft cover, children, coffee table and board book printing services. The company has gained popularity over the years due to its environmentally-friendly printing solutions. In 2013 alone, PRC Book Printing Service printed thousands of books made from FSC-certified recycled papers and soy-based inks. When people pick up a book printed from PRC Book Printing Service, they will know that the environment was not harmed in the printing process; when using soy based inks or FSC papers.

Customers who want to avoid critical communication breakdown associated with overseas Chinese printing companies can trust PRC Book Printing Service for efficient customer-service. Because communication with the printing company is clear, customers can save time, money and frustration. Customers will be able to communicate their ideas clearly from the beginning of the project, until the end. PRC Book Printing Service values communication, which is a main reason why the company has enjoyed over 10 years of success as leaders in the book printing industry. To hear more about the company’s diverse range of book printing capabilities, please call 888-725-7817.

About PRC Book Printing Service
American-based, PRC Book Printing Service has been working with two Chinese printing partners for the past 10 years. PRC Book Printing Service will handle any type of print project a person has in mind. The book printing company is devoted to delivering high quality print services at the most affordable prices possible. That has been the key to the company’s success throughout its existence. PRC Book Printing Service is dedicated to giving customers complete satisfaction through steady, personal communication and reliable project management that will complete any job before the deadline.

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