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PRC Book Printing Service Announces Calendar Printing Services


Philadelphia, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/29/2013 -- PRC Book Printing Services adds on one more high quality service with the addition of calendar printing. As an integral part of managing home and office lives, millions of people throughout the world rely on calendars on a daily basis. With calendars, people can make notes of when an important meeting is, keep track of how many days they have left to buy their significant other an anniversary gift, and figure out which national holiday they would like to take their vacation day on. No matter how people use calendars, they are here to stay. PRC Book Printing Service now provides a mix of high-quality printing material at an affordable price. By choosing PRC printing from China, customers get the best of both worlds.

PRC Book Printing Service produces many products for clients around the globe including desk calendars for those working in an office environment all day, wall calendars for at home use, engagement books, and large-format pieces featuring rich photography work. The standard calendar produced by PRC Book Printing Service is saddle-stitched with one drill hole. Along with the standard version, PRC Book Printing Service also has a variety of other styles and formats available to fit a client’s unique tastes.

Regardless of what types of calendar clients have an interest in, PRC Book Printing Service urges them to get in contact with the staff so they can help. No project is too tough, as the staff will share any input or creative experiences related to a specific idea. This prompt service is part of a dedication to deliver exceptional quality of print-related products at competitive prices. To speak with a staff member about the options available for calendar printing services, please call 1-888-725-7817.

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American-based, PRC Book Printing Service has been working with two Chinese printing partners for the past 10 years. PRC Book Printing Service will handle any type of print project a person has in mind. The book printing company is devoted to delivering high quality print services at the most affordable prices possible. That has been the key to the company’s success throughout its existence. PRC Book Printing Service is dedicated to giving customers complete satisfaction through steady, personal communication and reliable project management that will complete any job before the deadline.

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