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Preci Co., Ltd. Shares the Difference Between Precision Metal Stamping Parts and General Products


Dongguan, China -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/10/2013 -- Early in the twentieth century, as the needs of the automotive industry, a variety of grinding machines were born one after another. Around 1930 the gear-shaving machine was made in the United States and the honing machine was made in 1956. Some of the advanced modern technology obtained applications in the cylindrical gear cutting machines 60 years later, such as the mainframe bed uses digital display to indicate the amount of movement and cutting depth; electronic servo system and CNC systems are used in gear hobbing machine, slotting machine and grinding machine instead of mechanical gear driving chain and gear exchange; the programmable logic controller with fault diagnosis function is used to control the duty cycle and transform cutting parameters; developing the digital controlled non-circular gears hobbing machines and adaptive control hobbing machine; electronic sensors are used in hobbing machine to detect transmission chain motion error and automatically feedback compensation errors.

In omo roughing process of Precision Turned Parts, such as top, bottom, front and rear end, they usually use a diameter of 60 ~ 200mm disc cutter. If the selection of C machine tools, then the process will be a very stable; if selecting B machine, he feed can be improved by increasing spindle speed and reducing the feed per tooth, but it may increase the tool invest for users.

Precision parts processing machine is the machine toll processing a variety of cylindrical gears, bevel gears and other toothed machine parts. Precision machining components are available for different specifications, there are the small machine tools machining gears a few millimeters in diameter, and large machine tools machining ten meters diameter gear, there are high efficient machine tools for production and precision machine tools for machining precision gears. Gear cutting machines are widely used in automobiles, tractors, machine tools, engineering machinery, mining machinery, metallurgical machinery, petroleum, instrumentation, aircraft and spacecraft and other machinery manufacturing.

The tool life and the gear processing efficiency can be improved by optimizing machining tool geometry of precision CNC Machined Parts. Compared with increasing tool life and processing efficiency by increasing the tool coating or switch to a more robust tool base body, optimizing tool geometry is a cheaper way. Because the current hobbing machine doesn¡¯t allow automatic tool change, so the same high-quality hob is often used in finishing rolling process to complete rough cutting and fine cutting, the tool is easy to premature wear. In order to extend tool life, the design of the tool can distinct the rough-cut area and fine-cut, and optimizes the wear performance for each zone. With the tool coating and substrate progress, dry cutting continues to thrive as a trend in the large gear processing industry, which improves the cutting speed, extends tool life without the use of coolant conditions.

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