Precise Portions Is Working to Introduce a New Portion & Nutrition Training System for Kids

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New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/25/2013 -- Precise Portions is working to introduce a new Portion & Nutrition Training System for Kids. The System includes dinnerware place setting, placemat discs, book of tips for parents & flash cards to help kids learn to eat healthy, lose weight and stay fit. Teaching kids to eat healthy will help them develop normal weight and avoid being bullied for being overweight or obese.

A few days ago Precise Portions launched an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign to gather funds for the campaign to prevent kids from becoming victims of weight bullying.

When contacted, a representative of the company said, “The mission of our team is to prevent weight bullying. Unfortunately, overweight kids are bullied by their friends and schoolmates. Constant hurtful teasing can damage parts of a child’s personality. ”He further added, “Our Nutrition Training System products, will help parents teach their kids how to eat healthy at an early age – And not become victims of weight-bullying”

Registered Dietitians and other nutrition educators confirmed that the company’s educational line of children's dinnerware system will teach kids about nutrition, health, body-image - Improved self-worth will result.

Funding duration is from September 04, 2013 to November 03, 2013 and caring contributors can donate what they can. To say thanks, Precise Portions is also offering complementary gifts for each donation.While donating $5 enables one to get access to a nutrition journey filled with games, puzzles, and fun facts., $10 includes a smooth, ceramic coasters. For $15 one can get 100 favorite healthy recipes E-Cookbook. Precise Portions for Kids hopes to collect $50, 000 from the crowd funding program.

The team of Precise Portions has designed a nutrition training system for children that would offer a complete dinnerware line, a set of flashcards, and circular placemats for the dining table. Kids can also join Portia and Plato the animated characters, on a journey to engage them through tips, games, and activities. Patent pending designs help children and parents to eat the right foods in the right proportions.

Experts confirm that obese children have an 80 percent chance of becoming obese adults and face the high risk of chronic diseases linked to obesity like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and some cancers. Imagine a life plagued with low self-worth and deadly diseases like Type2 diabetes. A recent research study proved that dangerous effects of bullying last longer and affect the person for years even after childhood.

About Precise Portions for Kids
Precise Portions is totally committed to helping parents & kids learn how to eat healthy and understand good nutrition. This understanding will help kids make good food choices to maintain a normal weight, and enjoy a healthy & happy life. Maintaining a normal weight will prevent kids from suffering the trauma of weight bullying.

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