Precomposed Media Announces the Release of Two New Pro Motion Menu Kit Templates

This month Precomposed will release two new motion menu templates for DVD and Blu-ray authoring that will raise the bar in video production.


Garden Grove, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/15/2013 -- Later this month Precomposed will release two new motion graphic DVD/Blu-ray authoring menus that will surely impress current and potential customers. Video professionals choose Precomposed to create a stunning first impression that would otherwise be difficult and expensive on their own. Pro Motion Menu Kit 14 and 15 are two new, professional, high-end motion designs that provide a unique, clean and visually appealing look to virtually every video project. Pro Motion Menu Kit 14 (Classic Harmony) was inspired by the popular Zip Kit 2. “The menu contains elegant flowing particles, an exquisite design and a unique lens flare.” This menu will improve the overall quality of any project and has the same user friendly capability as all other Precomposed products. Pro Motion Menu Kit 15 (Simply Modern) is the second true 3D template to be released by the company. “This menu has universal appeal that can be used for a variety of applications, such as weddings, corporate, engagements, parties, etc.” This kit exemplifies an accumulation of technical and artistic expertise. For those that love the look and feel of Pro Motion Menu Kit 7 (White Wedding), Simply Modern demonstrates an even higher level of excellence acquired over the past three years.

In the past, authoring services had been cost prohibitive for videographers on a tight budget; however, Precomposed clients are offered quality products and services they can afford, while still maximizing the value to the end consumer. The company continues to make advancements in order to maintain its reputation as an industry leader.

Precomposed upholds the highest standard of professionalism at every step in the process. “Not only do we use the best quality materials available, backed with a lifetime warranty, but we are comprised of a team of experts in graphic design, motion graphics, DVD/Blu-ray authoring, video compression, and disc packaging. Our attention to detail is unmatched. By using our products and services, you will be increasing the value of your company while also freeing up your time to focus on other equally important tasks.”

The process of using the company’s products and services is very simple. Precomposed sells its Adobe encore templates through its website as a downloadable file. Every product is fully supported with video tutorials as well as customer support. For the services piece of its business, Precomposed makes the process streamlined by accepting edited content by FTP or external drive. A client may then select one of its industry leading templates that best correlates to the specific project. Lastly, the client completes a brief information sheet with all pertinent project details. Precomposed handles the rest. For all video editing needs contact Precomposed today.

About Precomposed
Precomposed is a full service media authoring company that handles all duplication, replication, packaging and delivery services for their clients in addition to selling fully customizable DVD and Blu-Ray authoring templates. The work of Precomposed is a “high quality, custom motion menu authoring and packaging service at an affordable price.” The company is making a revolutionary mark in videography and video production. Their output of services is both professional and timely providing clients with the quality of services they seek.

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