Predator Guard LLC

Predator Guard Deterrent Protects Gardens and Livestock from Nightly Predator Attacks

Predator Guard, a solar-powered predator control light puts an immediate stop to predators destroying livestock, gardens, and properties.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/13/2014 -- Farmers and gardeners can now have a peace of mind knowing that their hard work and investments will be protected against night predators when using a Predator Guard solar-powered predator control light. This product is an affordable and maintenance-free device that scares away night predators that damage gardens and livestock.

Wild animals like deer, raccoon, hawks, coyote, owls, and fox often attack gardens and livestock during night as they feel they are undetected during dark hours. These night predators can wreak havoc and cause irreplaceable damage to costly investments by gardeners and farmers. To counter this problem, Predator Guard has invented a predator deterrent device that can scare away nocturnal predators and help farmers safeguard their investment at night.

The solar-powered predator control light and predator deterrent device puts an immediate stop to predators destroying livestock, gardens, and properties. It also repels human predators. The Predator Guard control device is automatic and maintenance free as it is solar powered. The product is made with highest quality industrial components to give users guaranteed nightly protection 365 nights a year.

Night predators that feed or hunt at night are very aware of their surroundings. They usually prefer dark areas where they remain unnoticed. This device scares away wild animals as it introduces a pair of flashing lights that disrupts an animal’s sense of safety. Predator Guard mounts on any surface with an internal magnet or screw. It automatically charges itself and turns itself on at night and off at daylight. There is no power supply or external wires required to make the device work.

Predator Guard comes with a slanted solar panel that harvests maximum sunlight and cannot be compromised by snow during winter. It is equipped with powerful LED lights that provide a 1/2 mile range of protection to a property. The product is very easy to install and safe to use. It eliminates the need for homesteaders or gardeners to employ traps or poisons that can harm people, wildlife and domestic animals. For individuals who want a 360 degree protection of an area, they can install 4 units of this device.

Predator Guard offers a 3 year warranty making it an ideal investment for long term use with maximum performance and usability. It is very eco-friendly and very affordable to use. Predator Guard can be purchased now at Amazon.