Predator Guard LLC

Predator Guard Keeps Nocturnal Predators Away from Gardens and Bird Feeders

Nocturnal animals can ruin gardens, attack bird feeders, livestock and worse. Predator Guard is a solar powered device that deters night predators with a simple principle—a pair of flashing red lights that mimic the eyes of another wild animal. Night predators feel threatened and stay far away!


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/09/2014 -- The most common nocturnal animals that are likely to attack bird feeders at night are raccoon and bear. It is strongly advised that homeowners not put out bird seed or bird feeders if bears are in the area. Bears in people’s gardens seeking out bird seed is to be discouraged at all costs. The replacement cost of smashed bird feeders is expensive! If raccoons are a problem, it is recommended that people take feeders in at night when these animals are most active.

Predator Guard offers another option for deterring night raiders such as raccoons and other destructive nighttime predators such as coyotes, owls, foxes, deer, bears, skunk and even wild boars. Used by thousands of gardeners and homesteaders, Predator Guard offers nightly protection for properties, livestock, gardens, campsites, ponds and orchards.

The Predator Guard predator deterrent unit is solar powered - it charges during the day with sunlight. When dusk arrives, the unit turns on automatically and emits a pair of flashing red lights that a predator perceives as the eye of another nocturnal animal. Predators do not want to confront another, possibly larger and more ferocious animal. They feel immediately threatened and stay far away from the area.

The Predator Guard deterrent light is housed in a weatherproof case and uses only solar power. There is no wiring required and no batteries to be replaced. Each unit comes with screws for mounting on any vertical surface and an internal magnet for attaching easily to any metal surface. Each unit can be seen for up to 2 miles and covers a 60 degree radius. It is recommended that 4 units are deployed for 360 degree protection. Each Predator Guard unit should be placed at the eye-height of the offending predator. The predator deterrent units should be moved occasionally so nighttime animals don’t become too accustomed to their presence.

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