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Predator Guard Offers Solar Powered Predator Deterrent Lights

Night attacks by wild animals are easily impeded with Predator Guard, an affordable, maintenance free, predator deterrent light now available at Amazon.


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2014 -- There's nothing more disturbing than seeing fresh gardens or valuable livestock being obliterated by wild animals or night predators.

As natural wildlife habitats become more compact, wild animals are focusing their hunting endeavors on domestic livestock, homesteads and farmlands. Most nocturnal predators wait until after dark, when they feel safest and can go undetected, to make their attack. The most common and damaging predators include fox, deer, coyote, raccoon, owls and hawks. In a single night, an attack by one of these animals can cause irreparable damage to a homestead's gardens, chicken coops and livestock.

By setting up Predator Guard predator deterrent lights, thousands of homesteaders and ranchers are protecting their hard work and investments from destructive attacks by night predators.

Predator Guard deterrent lights use smart technology to produce a repeating flash of powerful twin lights, that to wild animals appear to be the eyes of another predator. Sensing inherent danger, predators flee the area and stay away, seeking other locations to do their hunting.

The Predator Guard predator deterrent light charges via a solar panel during the day using available sunlight. When evening descends, the unit turns itself on automatically and intermittently flashes a pair of pulsing red lights. Predators do not want to face another, possibly larger and more dangerous animal. They feel threatened and keep away from the area.

Predator Guard deterrent lights are made with the toughest industrial components. Each device is housed in a waterproof casing and uses solar power to offer year round protection. Easy mounting can be achieved on any vertical surface with a screw or via an internal magnet. Each product covers a 60 degree radius with up to a one-half mile range. Gardeners and homesteaders report maximum protection from predators when they employ up to 4 Predator Guard deterrent units for 360 degree protection. For best results, each predator deterrent light should be placed at the eye-level of the offending predator.

For many years, the public has been demanding safer predator deterrent products and 'green' alternatives that are environmentally friendly, humane and effective. The Predator Guard predator deterrent protects a users' property while also protecting the environment and its inhabitants. By avoiding dangerous chemical pesticides and cruel traps, the Predator Guard predator deterrent light ensures the safety of domestic animals, pets and family members. Latest research shows that, over the long-term, teaching pests or predators to stay away is more effective than killing them.

The Predator Guard predator deterrent light comes with a 3 year manufacturer's replacement warranty that ensures all units are operational for long term protection.

Superior protection can now be deployed at an affordable price. The Predator Guard predator deterrent light is currently available on sale at