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Preemptive Online Reputation Management Services Are the Best Defense


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/03/2013 -- Type in your company’s name to a search engine and discovering what people are saying about your company can be disheartening and often unsettling. What is necessary to prevent and forestall negativity about your business is simple.

“You must be willing to act proactively, not reactively,” said John Hilaire of Empire State Promotion.

“Research supports that 90 percent of search engine users do not go beyond the first three pages of SERP. Of that, 80 percent of the top ten results get the more traffic than the bottom 20,” said Hilaire.

For a company, this is vital information and must be harnessed correctly. Negative information travels faster than positive information, and never before has it been easier to spread information about companies – good and especially bad.

Some companies have taken to hiring other companies specifically to post reviews, threads and the like about their competition while at the same time raising themselves with positive reviews and commentary. Little to nothing can be done to assuage this, as many times threats of litigation do nothing more than enhance the current attitudes.

“If you try and threaten someone with a lawsuit, you are then seen as a bully and this only makes your precious reputation worse,” Hilaire said.

The secret, then, is being preemptive with your customers and your employees. Hilaire and his company offer several helpful tips and suggestions you can do now to help protect your good name.

- Watch the company name, URL and links
- Look for your product actively
- Keep key employees and players tracked
- Monitor online usage from employees
- Limit online conversation
- Follow postings on blogs, forums, news sites and the like
- Follow all social media – including YouTube, Flicker and anywhere information can be shared
- Know your competition

“These are key to being preemptive in watching your company and its best interests. Empire State Promotion helps you with higher ranking and driving customers to your business, but you will be ultimately responsible for what happens next,” said Hilaire.

One of the best techniques available to you and from Empire State Promotion is the power of negative SEO key words and search strings.

“Basically, we take your company and commonly searched negative words and turn those into positives in posts, social media and the like. Someone who is trying to find bad information will quickly be led in the opposite direction. It is one of the most effective SEO techniques available,” Hilaire added.

As more and more people move to a digital environment for almost anything, the older versions of advertising are fast becoming antiquated. Billboards plastered on the side of the Interstate were effective 20+ years ago, but the Internet’s vast reach is where your customers are now lurking.

“SEO services are not cheap initially, but the investment will bring dividends. With over 85 percent of people turning to search engines for finding everything they need from plumbing to medical information, how can you realistically afford to shun SEO,” inquired Hilaire.

This article is written by John Hilaire, an online reputation management analyst in New York City for Empire State Promotion.

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