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Prefundia Builds on-Line Customer Bases Before the Product Launch


Provo, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2014 -- The advent and universal usage of the Internet has led to a whole new science of product and start-up launches. When the target audience is anyone with a computer – basically hundreds of millions of people – a strong social media strategy can be invaluable.

With that in mind, has developed a system that generates interest, web hits and e-mail sign-ups – before the product launch.

It’s called a “coming soon” page and is designed to produce customers in advance so when the product or service is launched, there is immediate demand. This strategy has been extremely successful in producing revenue for crowdfunding projects, like those featured on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

“Our ‘coming soon’ pages help project creators build momentum before they launch on a crowdfunding platform,” said Jeff Schwarting, co-founder of Prefundia.

About Prefundia
“Coming soon” pages from Prefundia have helped crowdfunding projects raise more than $31 million and achieve six times as much funding as the average Kickstarter project. According to Schwarting, about 5 percent of all Kickstarter projects use Prefundia before they launch.

Schwarting emphasizes that the benefits of “coming soon” pages are not limited to crowdfunding. “It is effective for virtually any type of launch, whether it’s a new product, service, app or company,” he said. “Prefundia now services a myriad of industries beyond crowdfunding.”

Companies that have successfully promoted themselves with a “coming soon” page to generate over 100,000 users in just a few weeks include , a mobile e-mail organizing app; , a commission-free stock-trading app; and , a user-friendly project management tool.

Dropbox , a file storage service, reached one million users just seven months after launching a “coming soon” page.

The Prefundia website includes a series of blogs that explain the “coming soon” page strategy.

Here are a few examples:

- How SpringSled got 150,000 users in 4 weeks
- Killer “Coming Soon” Page Example | How we turned 180 sign-ups into 1,400 in one day with no effort

“While not everyone is successful at creating a ‘coming soon’ page marketing campaign, we can pass along certain principles that improve the odds of getting hundreds or thousands of sign-ups within weeks,” Schwarting said.  “We’ll help you get started.”

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