Pregnant Woman Survives Shipwreck and Gives Birth on Uninhabited Island in Latest Novel


Moses Lake, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/05/2013 -- In UNCHARTED, author J.B. Chicoine explores what it takes for a woman to survive a shipwreck, wash ashore on an uninhabited island and live there for seventeen years. Not only must fictional character Sophia grapple with losing her husband on their honeymoon voyage, but she must maintain her will to live. With the help of a century-old journal left behind by a long-dead captain who shared a similar fate, Sophia quickly learns to take advantage of the island’s resources and prepares herself for the perils that await her - yet nothing can prepare her for the realization that she is pregnant. Uncharted: Story for a Shipwright expounds on the strength of the human spirit, the fragility of sanity, and the blessing of human companionship.

In the same way that the motion picture Castaway had its viewers imagining how they might survive under similar circumstances, Uncharted spins a tale that draws its reader from the mundane into the extraordinary. The story deftly takes its reader from the day-to-day life of Maine boat builder Samuel Wesley, into the tales of naive Marlena who arrives at Samuel’s family’s bed-and-breakfast. Her farfetched stories of a shipwrecked captain and a pregnant woman have Samuel wondering if they could be the key to his ancestry. Uncharted will have readers wondering if Marlena is simply delusional.

Carol Newman Cronin, author of Cape Cod Surprise described Uncharted as follows, “Uncharted tells a story within a story. Readers will be forced to skate along the edge of suspended belief, eagerly turning the pages, hoping it all turns out to be true. A great read that will appeal to armchair sailors, romantics, and true adventurers.”

In Uncharted: Story for a Shipwright, when a peculiar young woman shows up at the Wesley House Bed and Breakfast with a battered suitcase and stories to tell, shipwright Sam Wesley is not sure if she is incredibly imaginative or just downright delusional. He soon realizes that Marlena is like no other woman he has ever met. Her strange behavior and far-fetched tales of shipwrecks and survival are a breath of fresh air in Sam's stagnant life.

Sam is not the only one enchanted by Marlena. With Sam’s best friend putting the moves on Marlena and a man from her past coming back into her life, the competition for Marlena's heart is fierce. In the midst of it all, a misunderstanding sends Marlena running, and by the time Sam learns what his heart wants, it may be too late to win her back.

Uncharted is this summer’s hottest book to read. Get your copy of Uncharted: Story for a Shipwright in paperback, eBook, or audio book from your favorite online retailer, your local bookstore, or Rhemalda Publishing.

Uncharted: Story for a Shipwright ISBN
E-book: 978-1-936850-74-7
Trade paperback: 978-1-936850-66-2

J. B. Chicoine has been a writer and watercolorist since childhood. Her stories reflect her love of the ocean, sailing, and New England. She resides in rural New Hampshire with her husband. Visit J. B. Chicoine at her website

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