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Premier Gold IRA Review Site Announces Expansion of Review Portfolio


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2014 -- Popular gold IRA company review site TheGoldIRAReviewer.com has announced that it has increased the number of reviews on its site to now cover the top 10 gold IRA companies.

Founder and owner Reeves Jameson said today “I’ve had a steady increase in the numbers of visitors to my site over the past few months due to the improving outlook for precious metals, particularly gold. Many retirees are now looking to take advantage of the historically low price of gold by rolling over at least some of their more traditional paper-based assets into a physical gold or precious metals IRA”.

Up until recently, The Gold IRA Reviewer only had reviews of the top 5 gold IRA companies, however with the renewed interest in gold IRA investment strategies, more and more investors are demanding additional information on some of the other main players in the gold investment industry.

Reeves added, “It seems that investors in general are becoming a lot more savvy than in previous years, and so are demanding the very latest information for their research. I found that many investors are also becoming a lot more wary when dealing with investment companies and are doing a lot more due diligence to ensure that the company they are considering allowing to handle all their retirement assets has a good track record of trustworthiness and reliability. After all, for a lot of these investors, this is their life savings we are talking about!”

An additional five reviews have been added to the existing review portfolio so it now covers the top ten gold IRA companies in the precious metals investments industry. The site has also added a number of new and updated articles covering a range of gold IRA related topics that investors should be aware of before making the decision to invest some or all of their retirement funds into gold.

In his closing statement, Reeves added, “My aim has always been to give investors the most accurate and up-to-date gold IRA reviews possible so they can avoid the expensive mistakes others have made. As a retiree myself, I fully understand how important this is!”

To learn more about gold IRAs and precious metals investing in general, please visit http://thegoldirareviewer.com

About The Gold IRA Reviewer
Established in 2013 by businessman and precious metals investor Reeves Jameson, The Gold IRA Reviewer is rapidly becoming one of the premier sources for up-to-date information about gold IRAs, reviews of the top gold IRA companies, latest gold market news and articles about precious metals investing. By using the website for research purposes, it is hoped that investors new to the precious metals industry will be able to avoid falling victim to some of the more disreputable investment companies on the market.