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Premier HCG Diet Experts HCGRevival.com Reach New Milestone, 250,000 Bottles of HCG Sold


Draper, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2012 -- Fad diets and get slim quick schemes are a dime a dozen these days. For a month or two they’re the next big thing but, when they invariably prove useless, society moves on to the next miracle product or wonder cure. For many, this has meant massive amounts of both time and money spent chasing something that, until now, has remained painfully elusive.

But science is a wonderful thing, and as the medical community unlocks more information about the human body on a daily basis, certain exciting facts have been emerging. One particularly exciting piece of news for those interested in weight loss is that of the hormone HCG.

HCG is a hormone that typically increases within the bodies of women during pregnancy. Unbeknownst to the scientific community until recently, HCG also has a very interesting effect on body fat and caloric consumption. Utilizing a yet to be understood mechanism, HCG allows the body to burn calories that previously were off-limits to the metabolism process. While typically an overweight person would not be able to survive on an exceedingly low calorie diet for any long length of time, the combination of a reduction in calories and supplementation via HCG is having incredible results, particularly is it allows the consumption of extremely small quantities of calories over a much longer time period than is typical.

As it’s a hormone and not a prescription medication, the HCG diet, as its known, is therefore easy for anyone to begin. The two key components – a reduction in calories and a quality HCG supplement are relatively easy to obtain. The premier source of HCG supplementation online, HCG Revival, has just announced a recent milestone; over a quarter of a million bottles of their unique HCG drops have been sold worldwide, making them one of the most successful hormone supplement providers on the planet.

The team at HCGRevival.com are also some of the most recognized experts in the field of the HCG diet, having assisted hundreds of thousands of people from all over the nation achieve outstanding results through using the amazing system. By utilizing their unique droplet delivery system, HCG Revival has made weight loss a reality for many who had once assumed they would be stuck on the fad diet treadmill for life. With HCG drops from HCGRevival.com, however, their dreams of weight loss have quickly become a reality.

So for those interested in the mechanics of the HCG diet and quality HCG products, it’s impossible to go past the dedicated team at HCGRevival.com. Literally trusted by hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, HCG Revival are ensuring that, for many, weight loss is only a few clicks of the mouse away.

About HCG Revival
HCG Revival is a specialist nutritional supplement company committed to assisting people reach their weight loss goals through cutting edge supplementation, diet and exercise. Through the provision of their unique HCG-based products, HCG Revival has loyally served hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers from all corners of the globe. Based in Utah, HCG Revival stands firmly behind all of their high quality products. For more information, visit http://www.hcgrevival.com