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Premier Jewelry Lenders Unveils a New Way of Borrowing Large Sums of Money


Beverly Hills, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/23/2013 -- Trusted collateral loans provider, Premier Jewelry Lenders, has just unveiled a creative way people can borrow a lot of money. This comes as welcome news to those struggling during these tough economic times. Over the years, many people accumulate fine jewelry. Some of this comes from relatives, others from birthdays, and still others from anniversaries and personal purchases.

When you’re in need to a short term loan, this jewelry can come in handy. At Premier Jewelry Lenders, clients take in fine jewelry and watches as collateral when in need of a short term loan. Customers can turn in their jewelry at the pawn shop in Beverly Hills for a cost evaluation and then receive a quick and easy short term loan appropriate to that amount. All of the clients belongings are packaged, sealed and signed by the client before leaving the office assuring that no one will see or touch their belongings while in loan.

All of their items are stored in secure bank vaults and they offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry. It does not matter if customers have no credit or bad credit, because the jewelry serves as collateral and the loan is not something that appears on any credit report. Clients can get loans with immediate cash payouts in a safe and private office located in the heart of Beverly Hills. These loans are “confidential, safe, and secure,” and there is no limit on loan or purchase amounts. Premier Jewelry Lenders not only provides jewelry loans to their clientele, but they also purchase fine jewelry and watches.

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Premier Jewelry Lenders employs a team of experienced gemologists who specialize in high value short term fine jewelry and watch loans. Premier Jewelry Lenders makes getting a loan easier and quicker than ever when people are struggling most. For additional information please visit,