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Premier Online Canadian Retailer Featured on Local Radio Show

Leading Vancouver BC Online retailer of all-natural ED solution will be featured on local radio talk show on Sunday, June 9th, 2013. Available live or via archived recording, the show will feature discussion around erectile dysfunction solutions for men, something that MSPG Sales provides.


Vancouver, British Columbia -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/10/2013 -- The leading Vancouver, British Columbia Canada based online retailer specializing in natural erectile dysfunction (“ED”) treatments, MSPG Sales, is to be featured on a local talk radio show. They are an exclusive Canadian distributor for an all-natural ED solution called ‘The Elator”. The company owner will be sharing information regarding this highly effective treatment product during the “Sunday Night Sex Show” on CKNW980 sometime between 8 and 9PM, PST.

The Elator natural erectile dysfunction treatment device is an external penile support device that is as easy to use as a condom, and takes only about 15 seconds to put on. In recent years, MSPG sales has been highly successful in helping a large number of clients with this condition, and enjoyed exclusivity for distribution of this innovative product in Canada.

Previous this product was sold for years in urologists offices, and now is the first time it can be ordered without having to visit a doctor first. Considered a new product on the market today, it’s ideal for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction and the many causes of this condition such as diabetes or prostate removal. Unlike medications and injections, the Elator has no side effects. ED medications not only have well-documented list of and reputation for potentially fatal side effects, but based on research by a leading ED medical clinic, these medications aimed at treating erectile dysfunction don’t work effectively or cannot be used by 50% of men with erectile dysfunction.

MSPG Sales has experienced rapid growth this year and has enabled hundreds of men to rediscover their sexual performance safely and naturally with the help of the Elator erectile dysfunction treatment product as evidenced by the positive testimonials on their website. Always discreet and professional, the company is confident that the product provides a positive alternative to many harmful medications, and stands behind the Elator product with a full 1-year warranty.

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