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Premier Santa Clarita Gym Has Announced That It Is Now Accepting New Members


Santa Clarita, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/07/2016 -- Strike Krav Maga, a preeminent Santa Clarita gym is now accepting new members. The Santa Clarita gym has built its reputation on its dedication to the Krav Maga art. The principles of Krav Maga are firmly imbedded in the teachings of the gym and can be clearly seen when viewing a training session.

The Santa Clarita gym realizes that fitness through exercise is an essential part of life. Strike Krav Maga above all else truly believes they are offering a necessary service to the community. Not only are they concerned with teaching the Santa Clarita community the art of self defense, they also are interested in imparting fitness on the community.

Strike Krav Maga has proven itself as an excellent Santa Clarita gym and has quickly captured the confidence of the community at large. They put their clients above all else as they realize what they offer goes beyond a simple not very important service. The team at the Santa Clarita gym wants to instruct their students and is dedicated to treating each member of the gym with the utmost level of respect.

The team at the Santa Clarita gym have all been hand selected by the proprietor of the gym for their great skill in the Krav Maga martial art an also their drive to impart wisdom on all who desire to learn the amazing discipline. The team is dedicated to pushing their students to achieve a level of mastery of both the art and themselves.

About Strike Krav Maga
Strike Krav Maga is a preeminent Santa Clarita gym which has long since established itself as a leader in the martial arts disciple.

For more information about the gym services, please call 661-295-2005 or visit their website at

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Company: Strike Krav Maga
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