Reclaimed Flooring Company

Premier UK Flooring Company Offers Vintage Engineered Wood Flooring

Where Carpeting, Stone and Tiles Fall Flat


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/16/2016 -- Reclaimed Flooring Co. works on the philosophy of quality, delivering its own brand of artisan wood flooring in the UK with exceptional designs of hand-made platforms sourced from fine samples of oak, pine, birch and more.

When it comes to practicality and design, home-owners would be hard-pressed to make a better choice than hardwood flooring. While tiles and stone provide certain durability, there's unmistakable warmth to a carpeted floor; both are comparatively less desirable over the long run.

Reclaimed Flooring Co. has been working with artisans locally and overseas, to bring hand-picked choices of antique and new wood varieties back to the UK and into the hands of home-owners everywhere. Wooden floors have long been the choice of designers and architects when creating interiors that add a touch of character and alluring aesthetic. We know that nature's appeal is timeless – whereas tile styles and carpeting go in and out of fashion. Worse yet would be the choice of linoleum.

Then there's the ecological factor. Wooden floors are natural absorbent of carbon and potential harmful elements in the air, making them the producers of cleaner, better air in a home. They also conduct heat in ways stone does not, making hardwood floors the choice home-owners have gone with for decades when it comes to floor insulation.

Reclaimed Flooring Co. Provides Flooring for Wood Aficionados

More than style, warmth or ambiance, Reclaimed Flooring Co. (RFC) promises character and a glimpse of history. Each flooring product has its own story, whether it's a piece of oak, a stunning piece of driftwood, wood from northern forests, or a selection of white-stained flooring inspired by the aesthetic and feel of Scandinavia's design culture.

The company makes it a point to certify the authenticity and production of their products, refusing to sell low-quality flooring, such as wood that's sourced from Europe but engineered in China. Adhering to the strict quality control of the European Union, the company engineers each flooring product itself, with artistic inspiration drawn from French parquet panelling designs, Victorian construction, or just plain natural patina designs.

Giving Antiques a New Lease of Life

Reclaimed Flooring Company's specialisation comes in its tradition of reclaiming old wooden blocks and structures, and readying them for commercial use. RFC makes an effort to recycle the rich but forgotten history of bygone construction into modern, eco-friendly wooden flooring.

At first, the company started with simple designs and textures of reclaimed wood – but it soon struck into new frontiers, providing authentic reclaimed wood alongside replica flooring engineered in a manner that inspires each and every person.

About Reclaimed Flooring Co.
Since 2006, Reclaimed Flooring Co. has been taking old and antique wooden structures, turning them into modern flooring solutions for homes and establishments. Founded by brothers Robert and Thomas Henry, the company has since branched out into producing replica antique flooring, and new types of natural wood flooring to clients in the UK and abroad.