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Premium Electronic Cigarette Coupon Announced by eCig Vision


Denver, CO -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/20/2013 -- Electronic cigarette review and deal website, eCig Vision has published their Premium Electronic Cigarette coupon which gives buyers the chance to save 10% off all starter kits currently sold by Premium Electronic Cigarette. Additionally, Premium Electronic Cigarettes has a current promotion that gives its patrons 20% off their EGO Starter Kit. eCig Vision suggests users to maximize their savings by using the Premium e-cigarette coupon code on the EGO Starter Kit.

Along with the Premium e-cig coupon code is a brief overview of the company and what it has to offer. The reviewer mentions that the company does lack somewhat in the aesthetics department but makes up for it where it counts. Like many of today’s electronic cigarettes, Premium Electronic Cigarette has chosen to go with a 2-piece electronic cigarette design consisting of a cartomizer and rechargeable battery.

In the case of the EGO Starter Kit, the battery has an LED light tip that glows a pale red color when the user vapes. Batteries are also available in fourteen different colors. 10% off any electronic cigarette company is a substantial savings but when you add that to what is already 20% on the Premium Electronic Cigarette EGO Starter, it makes for a compelling case to give the company a try.

Vaping of the electronic cigarette in the EGO Starter Kit provides solid vapor production that somewhat lacks flavor. Twenty e-liquid flavors are currently sold by Premium Electronic Cigarette, which helps users choose something better suited for their own personal taste. Battery life is more than sufficient with each battery providing around 200 drags. This should give users the chance to vape all day without having to recharge. The 10% off premium e cigarette coupon code is valid on all orders but is best used with the already 20% promotion off the EGO Starter Kit.

Laura Brandel
eCig Vision
Colorado, US