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Premium Home Goods Retailer Launches Luxury Kitchen Spreader Set


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- MW Product Sales has announced the launch of their newest home goods product, the Spreader Spatula Knife Set. Included in the newly released set of kitchen spreaders are 6 reusable, flexible spreader spatula knives that are designed for a variety of purposes.

The spreaders come in a range of bold, fun colors that make a colorful accent to virtually any kitchen. Designed to fit in even the most modern kitchens, the Spreader Spatula Knife Set from MW Product Sales is a flatware that can be used on countertops or dining room tables. The multi-color spreading knives offer a unique range of functions which make them just as practical as they are eye-catching. Created with durable plastic edges, the flexible spreader spatula knives can be used for soft or cream cheese, peanut butter, jam, ganache, and more. The newly released spreader spatula knives can even be used to safely slice baked goods, fruits, and cheeses.

At home in a number of settings, the Spreader Spatula Knife Set can be used at parties or just any night at home. A great tool for kids, the safe spreader spatula knives are a great educational tool for children who are interested in helping in the kitchen. A superb choice for entertaining, the set can be utilized as a stylish accessory for party platters and cheese platters. As a plus, the multiple use spreader spatula knives can be used to apply favorite icings to cakes, for arts and crafts projects, or just to place as a decorative kitchen or dining room accent. MW Product Sales conveys a 100% satisfaction/money back guarantee.

The reusable, eco-friendly Spreader Spatula Knife Set is made with premium plastic and comes in a set of 6 with three colors. Each knife is 8.25" and made with a flexible edge for maximum versatility. Instead of implementing two or three kitchen accessories, consumers can use the spreader spatula knives as an all-in-one culinary tool for slicing and spreading. Currently, the Spreader Spatula Knife Set from MW Product Sales is available exclusively at One recent customer said, "These are fantastic! The different colors are also great, we use a different color knife for each condiment (blue for butter, red for peanut butter, green for jelly, etc.) so it eliminates the risk of condiment cross-contamination! They also are very effective at their primary purpose--spreading--since they spread a very large amount of product due to their large face. Would recommend/buy again!"

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