Premium Non Contact Infrared Baby Thermometer from Zigabob

Hassle-Free and Trouble-Free Fever Detection with Accurate Results


Sarasota, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/04/2014 -- Fever detection in kids can be very troublesome owing to the fact that they are highly uncomfortable when they are down with fever. It is important to monitor the temperature from time to time as a precautionary step or as per doctor’s advice. But with the traditional thermometers it is very difficult to seek help from the children. However, Zigabob’s Premium Digital Infrared Baby Thermometer is a great product that is packed with loads of features and benefits. The design itself is extremely ergonomic which means it is easy to hold the thermometer as well as to check the temperature. This thermometer suits infants, kids as well as adults. The non-contact design allows individuals to monitor and read the child’s temperature while they are asleep.

This thermometer stores 20 X memory readings which make it easy for parents to monitor the temperature more effectively. This is one of the best baby thermometers so far as it also provides accurate results on baby’s milk temperature from 0°C-100°C and body temperature from 32.0°C to 42.2°C. The thermometer is FDA approved and CE rated. Parents, doctors and medical practitioners can use this thermometer without any inhibitions. The units are easy to clean, tough and no need for sterilizing them before use. They are exclusively designed to offer super fast and accurate results with the help of a 2 color digital LCD display that records temperature instantly within seconds.

The other attractive features include long battery life, auto shutoff and a built-in fever alarm function. This product is believed to offer much more accurate results than the ear thermometers. Most importantly it is easy to obtain the results without disturbing the children. The temperature can be set to Degree F or Degree C as per convenience of reading. Each and every unit is fully tested before it is shipped. With so many convenient features, this product definitely tops the charts. And what’s more is that the product is offered at an extremely attractive price available within its range.

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