PrEP UK Launches New Website to Educate People About an Effective HIV Prevention Tool

PrEP is a new HIV prevention tool that could play a key role in solving a growing health crisis. Learn more about how one website is raising awareness at


Selkirk, MB -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/09/2015 -- The number of people living with HIV in the UK has doubled within the last ten years. There are more than five thousand new diagnoses in the UK each year, and it is estimated about twenty percent of men and women living with the virus have yet to be diagnosed. It won't take long for anyone reading through the UK's recent HIV statistics to see the spread of the virus has reached epidemic levels. If the government and healthcare industry does not take significant prevention measures, the problem is only going to get worse.

In response to this growing HIV crisis, PrEP UK has launched a new website aimed at educating the UK population about a daily pill that can help prevent those who are currently HIV-negative from contracting HIV. The team running this website firmly believes this new treatment can be a powerful tool in preventing the spread of HIV. They understand education is the key to stopping the epidemic, and it is their mission to disseminate the right information to as many people as possible.

James Wilson, a representative of the website, stated "There are so many in our population who are terrified that PrEP treatments will encourage people to make poor decisions like forgoing condoms in favor of unprotected sexual activity. However, studies show millions of people are already doing this without using them. There are a plethora of reasons why people may not use condoms or change their behavior to prevent the spread of HIV. However, shaming people has not gotten us anywhere. Our team would rather spend time educating people about a prevention method that is truly effective."

As Wilson explains, "If we are going to see this epidemic eradicated, it's going to require a two-fold strategy. On one hand, governments and healthcare officials need to ensure HIV-positive patients have access to medications that can help prolong life. On the other hand, we need to keep healthy people from contracting HIV in the first place. PrEP has been scientifically proven to reduce the likelihood of someone contracting HIV, and that can give the UK a huge advantage in the fight to end the spread of this virus."

"Our goal is to be a part of the solution. We really do believe using PrEP for HIV prevention can help bring us closer to seeing AIDS and HIV eliminated in future generations. Our website is here to teach people about this virus prevention tool and help them see that having better access to it can help the UK population live longer, healthier lives."

About PrEP UK
This website exists to further the mission of advancing access to PrEP treatments in the UK. Through the dissimentation of accurate information about HIV prevention, the team hopes to help people who are at risk of contracting the virus to understand what PrEP therapy is and how it can put them on the path to a better life.