Preparing for the Unexpected Host and Author Alex Fullick, Recognized by Solutions Review

Preparing for the Unexpected host Alex Fullick, focuses on Disasters, Crisis Management, Resilience, Emergency Management, and Business Continuity. Alex is thrilled by the recognition and success attributed to his book “Testing Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans: How to Plan and Execute Successful Tests”.


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/19/2020 -- Alex's book focuses on how organizations can plan effective Business Continuity (BC) / Disaster Recovery (DR) tests and exercises, by leveraging specific considerations and activities. By following the specifics suggested by Alex in his book, organization's can ensure that what they planned to tested, is tested to requirements, and the gaps and challenges identified during the tests, receive the appropriate follow-up action assignments. Alex uses documentation, governance, and good project management approaches in his descriptions, which helps ensure BC and DR plans are effectively validated.

Solutions Review states; "If Fullick's concise recipe for business planning success could be distilled into a single sentence, it might read: Disaster is inevitable, change is constant, and the process of planning must be ongoing. If it isn't already, this book should become the go-to handbook for front-line senior executives when they want to make sure their disaster and continuity plans will work when they're needed."

Upon being notified, Alex responded with the following comment: "I'm very humbled to be included on such a list with other BC / DR authors whose work has helped me in my own career. It's very exciting and I congratulate the other 15 authors on this list – it's a great accomplishment. This helps me realize that what I'm doing on my talk radio show ( 'Preparing for the Unexpected') is making a difference and I feel more empowered than ever."

For information please visit http://www.stone-road.com or https://www.alexfullick.com"

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