Preppers Gather Serious Survival Gear for Zombie Apocalypse


Derby, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/02/2013 -- A new community preparedness website called "," which can strongly affect the lives of countless Americans, as well as global citizens around the world, now enters the mainstream with strong presence. From March 11, 2013 throughout April 1, 2013, and beyond, a massive disaster awareness campaign is being launched by "Preppers Oasis."

What is "A Preppers Oasis?" This is the novel social preparedness site that teaches safety measures and precautions for the unexpected occurrence of natural disasters." It’s essential motto is "Community Awareness for Disaster Preparation" and provides unique assistance plus information about the importance of protection against catastrophic emergency-based events.

The purpose of "Preppers Oasis" and its website is for individual protection of self, loved ones, and family members -- plus to help insure the preservation of local society and the progress of mankind on a global scale.

The "Preppers Oasis" home is located in Houston, Texas, USA. However, via the recent debut of a highly unique website, it services now extend throughout all 52 properties in the United States of America, as well as reach out to basically EVERY English-speaking country around the world. helps to decentralize the issuance of emergency and everyday needs like food, shelter, clothing, and even more. It especially advocates doing this in a way that maximizes the safe storage and availability of goods up to as much as twenty-five years BEFORE disaster even strikes.

Quite differently than what you typically hear about disaster prevention and preparedness issues,'s unique focus on natural disaster awareness comes uniquely coupled with appropriately advanced ACTION. Meaning, unexpected emergencies of catastrophic size have the potential to destroy even the very fabric of associations, governments, and organizations assigned to protect its peoples.

Thus, rather than merely making plans on WHERE to go when disaster strikes, the "Preppers Oasis" movement takes superior steps toward the provision of Survival Gear, goods, storage locations, plus the actual supplies to be contained therein. Events like the "Zombie Apocalypse," for instance, are of particular concern for "preppers."

"In the case of government collapse," the site owners state, "Preppers should begin to prepare for catastrophic events like the Zombie Apocalypse, right now, before time runs out."

About the "Preppers Oasis" Concept...

From the Preppers Oasis point of view, preparation for natural disaster takes on a far more "comprehensive" meaning. The types of unexpected events which leave citizens stranded or in harm's way can also include:.

- Hazardous airborne or toxic environmental conditions that affect entire populations;
- Typhoons, tsunamis, tornadoes, and hurricanes;
- Individual, local, or regional forest fires;
- Tyranny and government collapse.

More Details about the Website...

The Preppers Oasis website itself also features a store which carries essentially EVERY life-saving tool, storage device, safety supply mechanism needed for the efficient handling of catastrophic events. Just a few of the item categories available for purchase are:

- A barrage of assorted tools for transport, safe navigation, and personal protection;
- Individual first aid cabinets and kits that can serve up to fifty people;
- Living quarters, including family cabins and camouflaged tents;
- Various self-contained sources for lighting, food, and water;
- Guardian food storage kits and server packs.

You may direct your correspondence, feedback, or questions about natural disaster awareness and supplies to the administrative directors of its business website, via the following e-mail address:

The website offer various items necessary for survival in case of a natural disaster, Government takeover or tyranny, hurricanes or the collapse of our economic system. Being prepared in essential for survival.

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