Preppers Learn the Importance of a "Bug out Bag" with New Manual

Author Brent Gough’s “Good to Go Bug Out Bag”: Build the Ultimate 72 Hour Survival Kit


Queensland, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2013 -- With tensions high in the middle east, an extraordinary amount of tornadoes, and political unrest, many are worried about their survival. One of the hottest topics on television right now is “preppers,” individuals who prepare for emergencies and the end of the world. These individuals are chronicled on network shows such as Doomsday Preppers and Doomsday Bunkers. Many who watch these television shows may wonder how to begin their own prepping techniques, and author Brent Gough’s new book shines some light on the trend. Good to Go Bug Out Bag: Build the Ultimate 72 Hour Survival Kit shows anyone how to build a bug out bag with all the essentials for survival.

Good to Go Bug Out Bag teaches anyone to prepare a bag with a checklist, photos, explanations, trial run bug outs and more. The guide is a thorough look at preparation for natural disasters and other emergency situations. Gough cautions, “Most beginners to the survival and preparedness community, and even some pros, pack the wrong gear in their bug out bag. When you're in the middle of a real emergency it's too late to realize you've made a mistake.”

Good to Go Bug Out Bag teaches anyone how to keep a level head and prepare before disaster arrives. The book has the reader ask themselves: “Am I going to be calm and cool headed, prepared to leave my home or will I be running around with a garbage bag full of canned food, clueless?” The guide navigates the beginning prepper through everything they’ll need, from water to tools to food, so they’re ready and waiting when an emergency arises. The book includes resources, with recommended sources for gear and supplies, helping any prepper get the perfect bug out bag, even with children, pets and medical needs.

Good to Go Bug Out Bag: Build the Ultimate 72 Hour Survival Kit is now available on in a Kindle edition now. Brent Gough is also a contributing writer on - a blog for preppers.

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