Prescopodene Now Provides 24 Hours Live Chat Support to Customers


North Ryde, NSW -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2012 -- Prescopodene, a leading manufacturer of clinically tested and proven natural weight loss pills, now provides 24 by 7 chat support to its customers 365 days a year. The weight loss pill manufacturer employs a team of dedicated customer care associates whom the customers can contact in order to get information about everything and anything related to the pills. This has helped customers in making informed and just choices best suited to their needs and preferences.

The company follows a comprehensive and no-nonsense money back guarantee policy. Under this money back guarantee policy customers can return the bottles (if unsatisfied with the performance of the pills) within 90 days of purchase. In fact, the customers can even return empty bottles(without any pills inside) and will still be entitled to receive a full refund, this speaks volumes about the confidence that the company has on it's product , and goes a long way in ensuring the customers about the effectiveness of these pills in burning fat, subsequently leading to weight loss. The company also offers free gifts up to $187 with every online purchase of two or more bottles.

Many clinical tests have been done by leading medical organizations on these safe weight loss pills in order to find out their efficacy in burning fat. The results obtained have been extremely positive (i.e. these pills have been found to be extremely potent and effective in burning fat) and has established these pills as the quickest way to loose weight that the market has to offer. Prescopodene uses the method of thermogenesis, which has been found highly effective in eliminating hunger, also increasing metabolism and energy levels simultaneously.

Today obesity and associated problems like high blood pressure, type2 diabetes, depression etc. have become a widespread epidemic, with a sizable portion of global population being effected by these diseases. Prescopodene was invented in order to help obese and overweight people shed extra weight which would enable them to lead a healthy and stress free life. Prescopodene is a totally natural and safe weight loss pills ingredients include some of the most effective supplements for weight loss known to man like ginger root, green tea, magnesium, octopamine etc. These herbs are totally natural and no side effects are associated with their use which makes Prescopodene a totally safe and effective means to loose weight.

Recommended by over 100 doctors, scientists and weight loss specialists, this best weight loss supplement contains highly researched, organically derived, all natural ingredients that have been proven to rev up metabolism, optimize the body's fat-burning ability, and suppress appetite. Regular intake of one capsule before breakfast or morning exercise session and one capsule at mid-afternoon can help one lose up to 40 kilograms as the months go on. To know more about the extraordinary benefits of Prescopodene visit