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hCGTreatments / Diet Doc hCG Diets & Weight Loss Plans Seeking Patent Protection for the Most Clinically Advanced, Medically Supervised Diet Plans Offered in the United States

Diet Doc’s prescription strength hCG diet plans provide dieters with a specially trained and expert weight loss staff who are dedicated to each patient’s desire to achieve safe and successful weight loss.


Escondido, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/26/2013 -- Diet Doc offers the Nation’s leading medically supervised, all-inclusive, prescription hCG diet plans, guaranteed to produce fast weight loss, with 97% of patients boasting a loss of one pound per day of unwanted and unhealthy fat with little to no side effects. The company offers the only modern day version of the original A.T.W. Simeons hCG diet plans, discovered in the 1950’s. In an effort to protect their proprietary, updated version of the outdated Simeons hCG diet plan, Diet Doc has filed for patent protection, ensuring their continued success and perpetual advancement of the hCG protocol. Simeons’ diet plans consisted of administering small doses of hCG, along with a dangerously low calorie diet, achieving fast weight loss, but also posing significant health risks to the patient. Diet Doc does not promote Simeons’ 500-calorie per day diet and has modified the original diet, providing each patient tailor-made diet plans specific to individual nutritional and caloric requirements based on age, gender, medical history and activity level.

Prescription hCG contains a powerful hormone that prevents muscle loss during dieting and suppresses the appetite. In addition, hCG stimulates the hypothalamus to release stored fat into the bloodstream, forcing the body to burn this fat for energy. Dieters will notice a loss of pounds and inches in typically difficult areas to lose weight fast, such as underarms, thighs, hips and belly. hCG is available by prescription only to clients subsequent to an extensive medical evaluation and doctor consultation. Patients will administer prescription hCG 6 days per week to be used in conjunction with the patient specific diet plans specially created by certified nutritionists. Injectable solution is the most preferred method of hCG delivery due to its ability to produce more rapid weight loss, as well as being enhanced with Vitamin B12, providing the patient with an additional source of energy. Prescription hCG is also available in sublingual tablets and prescription grade oral hCG drops. Regardless of the method of delivery, patients will shed pounds and inches rapidly and safely when following the dieting guidelines.

Diet Doc’s prescription hCG diet plans are unique in that each weight loss expert is specially trained in fast weight loss and each member is passionate about helping Americans achieve weight loss success and long term weight maintenance. Diet Doc’s fast weight loss team consists of physicians, nurses, certified nutritionists and coaches, all working in collaboration to ensure a safe and successful weight loss journey for each patient.

In addition to prescription hCG, Diet Doc has formulated the Nation’s only prescription strength diet pills, including Ultra Burn, Slim Down and 7-Keto DHEA, designed to accelerate fat loss when used in conjunction with prescription hCG. Patients can feel confident in the knowledge that all of Diet Doc’s prescription diet products are manufactured in the United States in FDA approved pharmacies.

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