Present Trader Launches as Way to Give Unwanted Gifts to Charity


Santa Barbara, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/26/2012 -- Today marks the beginning of Present Trader, a service that allows you to give the gifts you don't want to a local charity. Present Traders founder Scott Olson announced at a press conference, "Present Trader was initially designed primarily as a way to exchange the gifts you got, for the ones you really wanted. Like the rest of Americans, we were deeply moved by the tragedy in Connecticut and the recent Hurricane in the Northeast and we wanted to find a way to help facilitate the spirit of giving that makes us who we are. With Present Trader you are able to donate any unwanted gifts directly to a local charity that can find a very good use for it. Whether it's clothes for the needy, toys for children or electronics that can be sold to support these important programs. The things you don't need could fill a huge need in the lives of others."

Present Trader is a free service and is very easy to use, you can even connect with your Facebook account in a one-click process. Charities can add their information, how far of an area they serve, and they will begin getting a list of all the gifts available for them to collect. If a charity wishes to accept the donation they click a button and the user is informed about the charity and their interest and they can then either pickup the present or drop-it off. For those who wish to simply exchange a gift, the process works in the same way; list the gift you have and you are matched with local people who have presents that you might be interested in exchanging for. There is no time like the “present” to raise awareness in this time of great need!

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