Joe Bragg Launches Making Great Presentations Available to Everyone


San Fransisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/29/2012 -- In the modern world, we have come to understand better than ever that having the information, the product or the innovation is only one small step to having success with it. In an age where information saturation is at its highest, and the natural competition for audience in the internet age has gone to new levels, the way individuals present themselves and their information counts for more than the information itself. The “TED Talks” revolution has shown that being able to perform as an authentic, credible individual delivering a product in a compelling narrative circumstance is the key to the new model of success.

Presentation Skills is a user friendly website set up by experts in presentations, designed for beginners and experts alike to come together, discover and share presentation skills, tactics and tropes. The site aims to deliver a how-to guide on all the main aspects of great presentation giving.

The site gives advice on how to plan a presentation from scratch, use visual aids in a presentation, overcome presentation nerves, deliver a presentation with confidence, answer questions and manage Q&A sessions effectively.

The site also features high quality, original editorialized content creating insightful articles on a range of issues within the field, including an FAQ on presentation skills training in the UK, recommending Skillstudio- a dedicated outlet for practical training and development in presentation preparation, technique and delivery.

Other articles include information and advice on simplifying the core message, avoiding ‘death by powerpoint’, the use of voice in creating influence, and many more advanced techniques that aim to get individuals past their first goal of not embarrassing themselves and onto the road of making a real difference to their audience.

A spokesperson for the site explained, “It’s crucial these days to be able to deliver not just good, but great presentations. It’s a key skill for career advancement as more and more companies seek spokespeople in every department, as well as being an amazing tool for entrepreneurs to disseminate their ideas. With our recommendations for skills training for individuals, departments and companies, and our in-depth articles on presentation theory and practice, we’re hoping to become the number one resource for presentation skills knowledge-share in the UK.”

About Presentation Skills
This website has been set up by a number of presentation skills training experts to help you improve your presentation skills. In the site you’ll discover a number of articles with some great tips, help and advice, all for free. For more information, please visit: