Infuse Bone Graft Victims Now Offered Pre Settlement Funding


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/01/2014 -- Pre-Settlement Funding Loans now opens its doors to offering pre settlement funding to people who have experienced the unfortunate effects of infuse bone graft surgeries, brought about by the product that Medtronic has manufactured for the process. According to, as early as 2003, there are already patients who are suffering the injuries caused by faulty Medtronic infuse bone graft surgeries. Sadly, most of them have not yet received the compensation that they need.

Pre-Settlement Funding Loans is said to be offering presettlement loans to the victims of the said company. Today, they are already providing a pre settlement loan to different types of cases. Infuse bone graft lawsuits are one of them. They also said that they have no credit checks conducted for clients who are applying for the said type of loan.

According to, there are different symptoms for the people who are experiencing the effects of unsuccessful infuse bone graft surgeries. Some of them are nerve damage, breathing, speaking and swallowing difficulties, respiratory depression and airway compression. When worse comes to worst, patients can also end up losing their lives.

With the facts on hand, Pre-Settlement Funding Loans says that it is important for the patients to be fully-informed before they take the surgery, so they can decide whether to take it or not. However, most of them were not given ample information, thus, resulting in the bodily damages that they are now experiencing.

Pre-Settlement Funding Loans mentions that they help these people by granting them a pre settlement loan that they can use to get the ease of having to attend to their current financial needs. There are the ones who are still waiting for the results of their cases and are not yet eligible to get their compensations. Assessments are still conducted and these patients still need to wait for how much they are really supposed to get. Pre-Settlement Funding Loans says they aid these people by lessening their financial responsibilities through the use of pre settlement funding.

Based on Medtronic statistics indicated on, more than half a million patients have already undergone infuse bone graft surgeries. Also, about 2,300 surgeons used Medtronic products in the US before the damaging effects manifested.

There have also been lawsuits filed against Medtronic and Dr. Mark Ipsen, claiming that the products used during their surgery did not get the approval of the US Food and Drugs Administration or FDA prior to their operations. The medical practitioner was then accused of medical malpractice, failure to obtain informed consent and fraud. According to the same source, Max Baucus, the Senate Chairman, said that they really had severe side effects which were not revealed.

For patients who underwent unsuccessful infuse bone graft surgeries and are interested in applying for presettlement loans. Pre-Settlement Funding Loans claims to be offering them with the lowest interest rates. You may go to or call them at 1-800-918-2310. Also, you may reach them via e-mail by sending your questions and concerns to Their office is located at 201 East Eighty-Seventh Street New York, New York.

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