President Obama Needs to Take Action Against Obesity Says Amazing Core Fitness

Amazing Core Fitness has called on President Obama to tackle the serious issue of child obesity and adult obesity before it is too late


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/16/2014 -- Obesity has become a major problem in America, but it seems President Obama is not doing enough to fight the growing health problem according to a leading fitness company. Amazing Core Fitness the company behind the resistance loop bands which help men and women to lose weight in their own home would like to see more action taken by President Obama on the serious obesity issue.

At the present moment, 60 percent of adults are overweight while 37 percent of them are classed as obese. Health experts have said unless something is done about the obesity problem then by 2050 one in three adults will be obese.

Amazing Core Fitness would like to see President Obama and other politicians to join forces and tackle the obesity issue that is overtaking the lives of adults and children.

A spokesman for Amazing Core Fitness said:” We would like to see President Obama and politicians from all sides come together and put a plan of action together to sort out the obesity problem. 60 percent of adults being overweight is a shocking figure, and this needs to be reduced.”

Amazing Core Fitness who is helping thousands of people to lose weight with their resistance loop bands ( would like to see President Obama put a plan of action into place to reduce adult and child obesity.

A study by the US government found child obesity has become a serious issue with over 17% of children between the age of two and 19 are classed as obese.

The Fitness company would like to see the president take more action with regards to food companies and the amount of sugar they put into foods.

A spokesman for the fitness company said: “By reducing the sugar in food products it will be a huge step in the right direction.”

Health experts have advised that adults need to exercise by around 20 minutes a day to help reduce the build up of weight and help men and women to lose weight and become slimmer.

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