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President Obama's Green Initiative Reflected in Natural Gas Website


Sugar Hill, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/22/2013 -- President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address brought light to his agenda to promote the use of U.S.-made natural gas. This initiative is said to be aimed at assisting a slowly recovering economy through job creation and a step toward energy independence. As this initiative makes its way to the forefront, companies such as Georgia Gas Rates are aiding residents already using U.S.-produced natural gas to possibly save hundreds of dollars each year.

“This movement toward natural gas has been slowly coming for years,” said Eric Johnson, co-founder of Georgia Gas Rates. “For this reason GeorgiaGasRates.com was created to help Georgians learn about the environmentally-friendly benefits and how to save money on their energy bills in the process. ”

While all eyes focus in on how the president will promote this initiative (possibly by changing regulations on where and how this new energy can be obtained), states where gas companies are deregulated are making strides to help residents take advantage of this new push for American-made energy. Through websites such as GeorgiaGasRates.com, these residents are able to compare natural gas providers, learn the benefits of this form of energy and find ways to conserve energy while making every penny count.

Through rate comparisons of competing, big name Georgia natural gas providers, not only is this green initiative a promising way to aid the environment and the American economy, American families are finding ways to cut their energy bills to be more affordable.

In an average savings comparison done by Georgia Gas Rates, families who used the comparison charts to find their lowest natural gas provider rates saved anywhere between $0.15 to $0.50 per therm. Taken on an annual basis, families who took advantage of the lowest provider rate could have saved up nearly $350 on their energy bill alone.

As America moves toward this greener, more environmentally-friendly energy source, Georgia Gas Rates continues to help Georgia residents gain a better understanding of natural gas and its implications for society as a whole. With this in mind, Georgia Gas Rates also gives Georgians a one-stop-shop resource for money-saving resources, energy conservation tips and provider rate calculators to ensure that residents are in the best position to save money by finding the best energy rate available.

For more information about this topic, please contact Eric Johnson via email at Eric@GeorgiaGasRates.com or via telephone at 407-416-4408.

About Georgia Gas Rates
Georgia Gas Rates was established in 2012 to aid Georgians in their pursuit to make every penny count -- even in the natural gas energy bills they pay each and every month. Through its fast and simple rate comparison charts, Georgia residents enjoy the convenience of seeing competing provider rates in their communities in one place. As if this were not enough, Georgia Gas Rates saves customers time and convenience by allowing price locking and provider switches with a click of a mouse as well as providing a wealth of energy-savings tips and tricks to help consumers make wiser, money-saving choices.