Presposure Now Offering Marketing Services They Feel Can Grow Many Businesses by More Than 100%


Tampa, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/26/2013 -- Offline businesses are in a frenzy over this new form of marketing that can increase business by well over 100%. Only a small fraction of businesses actually use this method to attract new customers which means it's still a very wide open market.

Marketing for offline businesses these days has come to a stand still. Most of the marketing efforts pursued by business owners should be extinct right along with the dinosaurs. Many business owners are still shelling out thousands of dollars for phone book, TV, radio & newspaper ads when these really have no way of tracking a return on investment; which ultimately means most business owners are losing money.

Presposure caught wind of this and has stepped up to the plate to help business owners nationwide, stop wasting advertising dollars. They just released a brand new service that guarantees to get any business on the first page of Google using what they label only as a very special & unique video marketing technique. Video marketing is quickly becoming the most effective form of marketing the industry has ever seen.

In a recent survey by Retail Touchpoints, they found that consumers were 174% more likely to buy when they arrived at a product or service from a video.

Some may be wondering how Google, YouTube and bringing a business online, can really be beneficial. Right now, Google gets more than 70% of all online search traffic. This balances out to 1000s of people heading to Google to search for specific products & services every month.

Using special tools provided to them by Google, Presposure says they will research and find what searches are being conducted monthly that tie directly with a business' products or services.

When terms with a good amount of searches are found, they setup a video and optimize it for ranking in Google. A week or 2 later, the business' video is ranking on the first page of Google for terms that will bring new customers right through their front door.

Dennis Marshall, the founder of Presposure seems excited to bring this new service to business owners. Here's what he had to say:

"One of my friends owns a barber shop and was telling me how after construction on the street that he's located on, business slowed down a bit. Knowing that I'm an expert with internet marketing, he asked was there anything that I could do to get him some more business coming in from the internet. After doing some research, I found that many and I mean many, businesses need a service like this if they want to thrive in years to come. That same week, I drew up a business plan and put things into motion."

Deciding to not move forward with this innovative & inexpensive form of advertising, could easily be labeled business suicide. Especially after what Robert Kincyl, the President of content at Google/YouTube had to say:

"90% of all search traffic will be video in the next few years"

In order for a business to truly prosper, they must effectively and constantly market for customers. The old forms of marketing are comparable to throwing money in the air and hoping the wind doesn't carry it down the street.

The shift is here. Some are going to ride it until the next shift comes while many will sit on the sidelines and regret their decisions. Whatever you do, you don't want to end up regretting your decisions. For more information on this service, check out their offline business advertising page.

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