Pressure Turns to Tenants as Revealed That Property Damage Cost Landlords £4.5bn


Gillingham, Dorset -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/08/2016 -- Recent figures released from TDS have revealed the significantly high costs faced by landlords when it comes to property damage. They reveal that up to £4.5 billion every year is forked out by landlords in order to address the damage and disrepair to properties caused by tenants. Common issues costing landlords include soiled carpets, neglect of house maintenance, broken equipment and general lack of cleanliness. It is therefore expected that increasing pressure will be turned on tenants in 2016, with greater scrutiny paid to the conditions in which they keep properties whilst they stay there. A number of services have been quick to respond, including cleaning and maintenance experts Domco.

The TDS statistics emphasize that property damage is a considerable issue affecting thousands of landlords every year – hence why 2016 is set to be a year where more formal or even strict cleanliness requirements may be in force for those looking to rent a property. Up to 56% of deposit disputes arise due to damage to property, according to the statistics and therefore it could be seen as more cost-effective to all involved if property maintenance is better addressed.

There has been significant response to this news from cleaning and maintenance services prepared to assist tenants in ensuring that their living space is kept at a high standard. Domco provides a range of cleaning and maintenance services, and a spokesperson had this to say:

"A lack of proper housing maintenance can be costly both for landlords and tenants who then have their deposits affected in the long-term; a key way people can work to address this is through ensuring they have a regular and reliable service to hand to help them keep their property clean. Here at Domco we offer a number of services which may be suitable, including cleaning, rubbish disposal and also tending the garden."

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