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Essex, London -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/31/2013 -- When travelers are out of their home on a vacation they mostly stay in hotels. Also people who travel for business purposes stay in hotels in the course of their travel. To make the outing hassle-free people mostly choose to book their hotels and plan their outing much ahead of starting out on the schedule date. In this high-tech era there are many sites on the internet that allow people to book the best and cheapest hotel at their destination. These are the hotel comparison sites by visiting which people can compare the hotel prices, read the different hotel review posts and learn about the facilities offered by a particular hotel and in that way find the best hotel for themselves. These sites are considered very useful for finding the cheapest hotel at a particular location. This saves not only people’s money but also time. One such amazing hotel comparison site is

Prestige Hotels 247 trades under the company SM Global Enterprises Ltd. The directors have more than 45 years of combined experience in the travel industry and in the handling of retail as well as consumer requirements and they aim to supplying each and everyone with the best ever deals. The words ‘Best deals’ obviously refer to the best deals on hotel prices since this is a hotel comparison site. People here can compare not only the aggregate prices for hotels from all across the globe but also the prices of the different hotel rooms, they can compare the rates offered by different hotel booking agencies & agents; they can also compare the rates on flights, cruises and car rentals. has established its own identity and differs greatly from other hotel comparison websites in that it allows people compare hotel rates and book hotels anywhere in the world.

“Our site is most reputed for helping customers save a great deal of money by offering them with the lowest possible hotel rates. We utilize a technologically advanced hotel finder to search hotels for our customers.” The hotel reviews that customers read are 100% authentic” says a team member.

Finding a hotel has never been so easy. Travelers who wish to plan their journey just need to visit this site and fill the required info in to the blank spaces in the Blue Search box on the home page of the site and click mouse on the search tab. They will instantly find what they are looking for.

“I was planning for a vacation at Mauritius and wanted to find the cheapest hotel with the best facilities for my stay. helped me greatly save a lot of money by finding the cheapest Mauritian hotel for me!” says one happy customer. For more info visit

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