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Presto Air Becomes the Foremost HVAC Contractor in South-West Florida


North Port, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/27/2015 -- Nevenka Kovcic reports in July 2015 that she had talked to a co-worker about getting repairs for her air conditioner and her co-worker unhesitatingly recommended Presto Air. She reported her experience as an excellent one and claimed that everyone at her office had acquired their services at some point. After getting their services, she believed this was quite understandable. She claims that the firm is competent, can be relied upon and is effective. What pleased her most was the fact that they will not try to sell their customers services they do not need. Her experience of Presto Air Venice Air Conditioning Repair Company was highly positive.

Living in a city like Venice, Florida, one can understand why they need to get their air conditioners fixed as quickly as possible. The temperature in the region does not allow normal people to function without artificial cooling. Closed spaces can easily turn into hot ovens. To counter the unpredictability of an air conditioner breaking down, Presto Air offers 24/7 services in Venice and the surrounding region. Their experienced team of service providers can handle air conditioners of all models and brands. They also understand that if the AC has broken down because a part has malfunctioned, then the repairs can be delayed. Therefore, they also carry a wide array of AC parts with them to get the AC going the same day.

Customers have cited many reasons why they always opt for Presto air as their go-to air conditioning repair in Venice FL service. The first one is because the firm is honest in its assessment. It will tell them exactly what is wrong with their AC, how it can be fixed and give an appropriate figure for the costs. Also, many customers have praised the service for its on-time appointments. One customer said, "If they say 4:00 pm, they will arrive at 4:00 pm – not one minute after." Moreover, the firm offers the kind of professional service one can expect from multinationals yet charge prices that are reasonable. Their employees have had extensive background checks performed on them and are highly talented individuals. Their strategy is to employ technicians, not salesmen.

It comes as no surprise that Presto Air is fast rising to become the best air conditioner repair service in Florida.

About Presto Air
Presto Air's single goal is to build a loyal customer base by providing a high quality service at affordable and reasonable prices. They are a family-owned and controlled firm.

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