Preston Hudman Provides Secret Guides and Services for YouTubers and Instagram Users Such as Verified User Engagement Aka Blue Check Comments

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Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/19/2019 -- Preston Hudman (PRESTONHUDMAN.COM) has been creating real news about YouTube that the world missed out on.

The home page is dedicated to Preston's music as he is a rapper who sings songs about who else but Google. The tracks are neatly arranged on screen and that is all that is there besides the album covers to each song. This is the entirety of his produced music.

The next page (page 2 of 4) is full of YouTube videos (very well-made and high quality) that have corresponding text descriptions that explain to everything that happened between Google and Preston. Viewing all of this content required a marathon and it was enthralling as it changed the way this author see's things online.

After that comes the Press page and/or contact page (page 3 of 4) this page is impressive as it shows all of his many accolades earned over the years as well as some very flattering feedback from a lot of very important people. Hat tip to Preston Hudman. Also, his various press coverage such as this article can be found there. Ebay feedback was also included.

On the final page, the "SHOP" page, He has listed some social media services for sale such as verified user engagement, SEO link building and Press release services. He sells literally everything known to man in regard to social media. He gives free consultations to anyone who wants one, and he sets you on the right path to success instead of lead you further a stray.

Preston has a newly designed website but what it is recommend to sending him a DM on Instagram for the fastest service.

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Tube Homie "your best friend on social media" is a social media agency that sells growth, engagement, and all types of social media services ever since January 28 2017 when the REAL "biggest glitch in history" occurred on YouTube and was discovered by Preston Hudman.

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