Prevent Acidity with Homemade Kombucha Drink


White Plains, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2016 -- There are several benefits of the kombucha tea. One of the reasons why people drink this tea is to combat acidity in the body.

"Kombucha fans attribute a wide variety of benefits to kombucha and claim that it helps with everything from joint pain to cancer. These claims are largely unproven, as there are very few studies about kombucha, but we do know that it contains a variety of vitamins and beneficial acids," website Wellness Mama stated.

Wellness Mama showed how to make a homemade kombucha tea using the batch method. There are actually several methods of making the tea.

The ingredients that people need for the homemade kombucha tea are: clean glass jar, brewed sweetened tea or regular herbal teas, the SCOBY or the Symbiotic Colony of Yeast and Bacteria, and coffee filter.

To begin, the sweetened tea has to be prepared and let cool at room temperature. Wellness Mama reminds tea makers to make sure that the tea is cold enough so the SCOBY will still work. Once cool, the tea should be poured into the jar, leaving an inch empty space on top.

From a previous batch of kombucha drink, pour the liquid. Then, carefully put the SCOBY on the top portion of the glass jar. The SCOBY should float, the website said. Otherwise, it can fall freely, but this is alright. Then, cover the jar with the coffee filter with a rubber band around.

The jar should be placed in the kitchen corner where it "is at least a few feet away from any fermenting products." The fermentation can take around seven days, but can change according to the temperature.

"You can test the kombucha by placing a straw in the jar carefully – slide under the SCOBY and sipping. It should taste tart but still very slightly sweet also," Wellness Mama stated.

Then, the tea can enter the second batch of fermentation. Just pour the kombucha drink into another jar with airtight cover and seal. The kombucha tea is now ready to drink.

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