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Coronado, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/26/2013 -- Molds belong to the fungi kingdom. A toxic black mold is a peculiar type of mold that attacks indoor and outdoor areas. It flourishes in moist, water-rich surroundings. Houses and structures that have experienced floods and other type of damage caused by water are subject to black mold. Toxic black molds are a greenish-black jelly like mold. It is normally greasy because of a wet coating on the top. helps with tips for removing black molds. It gives useful instructions and solutions for removal of black mold from buildings.

Black mold is a material that can grow and breed in places with moisture and food source. It even thrives on smooth areas which has not been cleaned properly and have some kind of oily deposits on them. The mold grows at room temperature and can be seen within 48 hours. If you see patches on the wall with discoloration it is required to cleanse it with some bleach solution. suggests some methods for black mold removal. Frequent cleaning of the area with a bleach solution can help remove this annoying substance and maintain a hygienic environment.

One of the best ways to control molds as suggested by the website is to eradicate it at the source. Bathrooms, basements, and wet areas are prone to mold growth. Kitchen areas must be cleaned regularly as these are places with moisture. Basement mold removal should be taken care of as they can quickly spread to the rest of the house. The website mentions that these molds which grow in homes are dangerous to human beings. Basements, garages, and crawl spaces are probable places for toxic black mold to flourish. Toxic black molds should not be removed on our own as they discharge large quantities of spores which will expand and proliferate in other spaces in the home. It is referred to as a toxic mold because it produces toxins called mycotoxins.

Toxic black molds can lead to respiratory problems, like wheezing, coughing, and bleeding of lungs. It can create skin problems, circulation problems in the heart, and immune system problems. Fatigue, general discomfort, reproductive problems, hair loss etc are some other black mold symptoms. Children and elderly people are the most affected because their immune systems are week. The mold is very dangerous and deadly. It can have serious side effects to your health and make it dismal. also provides necessary information on the factors to be considered when hiring mold removal companies. The method used by mold removers should be taken care of as a simple air quality sample will not deliver best results. Other factors to be considered are the qualification of the removal specialist, quality control techniques adopted, black mold remediation experience of the company, past references, total removal cost of black mold, etc. The website also lists some mold removal products that can be used to get rid of black molds.

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About is a recently launched website that provides information on removal of black molds. It offers a lot of information on toxic black molds, such as its symptoms, the health hazards caused by it, and the remedial measures to be followed.

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