Preventing Underage Drinking, How to Get Free and Discrete Legal Consultation

The worst thing a parent can go through is the loss of a child. When that loss results from a teen’s drinking and driving, it’s somehow even worse.


Delta, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/06/2013 -- Despite all of their eye-rolling, deep sighing, rebellious behavior, teens still look to their parents as role models. That’s why parents are such a big part of how to prevent underage drinking. Teens watch what the adults in their lives do regularly, including the way they deal with alcohol. If kids see their parents having an alcoholic beverage or two and then going to soda or juice, this is what they’ll do later on. Parents who communicate with their teens about alcohol consumption and the results of it tend to have kids who respect what beer, etc, can do and stay away from it.

In a continuing effort to educate parents and others about preventing underage drinking, has researched the topic in depth and would now like to pass on the results thereof, such as:

- Family Strategies
- School Strategies
- Extracurricular Strategies
- Community Strategies

Family Action

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School Plans

School is where teens spend the bulk of their time when they’re not at. That’s the reason school officials can be useful in preventing underage drinking. Schools provide forums that explain how alcohol affects a young person’s body and what the possible outcomes are of drinking and driving. Guidance counselors make themselves available to kids who need to discuss this subject. Encouraging youngsters to talk about and understand what alcohol can do is a good start toward keeping them sober.

Extracurricular Ideas

When school vacation comes around, many parents don’t know what to do with their teens. It’s difficult to keep them under lock and key, and they become resentful if this is what parents try to do. A big step toward figuring out how to prevent underage drinking is getting kids involved in community activities. If teens are given some community responsibility, such as being a park leader for younger kids’ activities, they are less likely to want to drink alcohol.

Community/Policy Strategies

Getting teens involved in community goings-on is a good way to keep them out of trouble. Preventing underage drinking cannot be accomplished in this manner alone. There must be a concerted effort to enforce the legal drinking age of 21, and to make the consequences of teenage drinking stricter. This can happen by charging kids who are caught with possession of alcohol with a misdemeanor which may end in jail time.

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