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PreWorkoutLab Launches Workout Advice Column Adding to Their Pre Workout Supplement Advice

Pre Workout Lab offers regular news and reviews on pre-workout supplements that help people maximize their gym results and they have launched editorials on what that best work should be.


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- Exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, but exercise can easily be to the detriment of the individual if they are not properly prepared for it. Exercising without the proper nutrition can lead the body to break down existing muscle in order to repair damage instead of creating new muscle to cope with the strain. As a result, pre-workout shakes are increasingly popular among those looking to get in shape. PreWorkoutLab specializes in reviewing these products, but has also created a section on working out so that those armed with the supplement of their choice can put it to good use.

Having already looked at tailoring their reviews for specific requirements, the homepage includes not only the overall top ten pre workout supplements currently on the market according to Pre Workout Labs’ intensive reviews, but also the best supplements for those looking to eschew active compounds like creatine and caffeine.

In addition, the workout guide has been designed for newcomers just getting into fitness to be able to hit the ground running, with expert advice gleaned from thousands of hours of reading, research and practical application. The guide talks about everything from the importance of varying muscle groups and working tendons and ligaments to keep the body supple and responsive.

A spokesperson for explained, “Here at Pre Workout Lab we work almost as hard in the gym as we do in bringing the most comprehensive reviews and guidance to our users. As a result we are expertly placed to advise individuals on how to meet their goals through a combination of not only exercise but proper nutrition. We believe muscle is made in the kitchen, and that’s why we’ve also separated out our supplement guides according to what effects users are looking for.”

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