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Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/20/2015 -- The recent decision by the UFC to allow a fight even after Jon Jones was found to be using performance enhancing substances is a clear example of when bookmaking isn't a straightforward matter.

Many UFC fans feel and believe Cormier and themselves were cheated of a fair and clean fight. And many sports gamblers feel that the money that they had placed on Cormier, was lost unfairly.

Price Per Head Explain what should happen in such a situation

What should a bookie do in such a situation?

Well, that would be a personal decision and it should be based on the quality of your players. The better customers you have, the more you will want to protect and take care of them. If you have a lot of bad customers, it would also make a difference. Just remember that it is important that your decision gets applied evenly, it is really impractical to have to remember whose Cormier bets get refunded and which don't and if your customers then get in touch with each other… well, it can turn uggly.

Personally, we refunded our customers on that fight.

And it was so easy. Before, when something like this would happen, it was hard just to know who would be affected and by how much. But now it is easy as a breeze. Just click on wagers per sport by game and you can see all the Cormier bets.

Then refunding them is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse. No more calling about town trying to find all your players to let them know they were refunded. More having to worry about missing a customer or two.

Remember though, not all price per head services are created equal. With some providers out on the market, it can be down right hard to get even the slightest thing done. But not with us. Give us a try today and discover the advantages of working with true industry professionals.

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