Pricell Popularity Soars as Beta Continues to Yield New Features for New Users


Uppsala, Sweden -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/30/2013 -- Many people dream of running a website as a means to generate revenue. Websites can create cash for their owners through subscriptions, offering services, advertising revenue or a combination of all three. However, many potential online business owners lack the necessary skills to create the websites themselves. Pricell is a popular service that is still in beta, offering an online auction house in which entrepreneurs can browse listed websites for sale and then bid to purchase the sites.

The launch of the site first attracted attention from SEO and web experts who claimed it could provide an excellent service to both buyers and sellers, each providing the other with what they needed within a free market framework where competition is king.

The site has a wide list of features for those looking buy a website and those looking to sell a website alike, including a new due diligence report feature that creates an honest synopsis of the product on offer for buyers and a reserve for sellers so they won’t be short sold on their initial investments.

Pricell has been active for just over seven months in beta, and these changes have come out of extensive consultation with a rapidly growing user base. A spokesperson for Pricell explained, “The due diligence features on the website allows us to create a full, unbiased portrait of the site on offer so that buyers are fully informed about what they’re purchasing before they make a bid. The breakdown explains both the Alexa and Google Page ranks for the URL listed as well as the features of the site and its revenue streams, together with deeper detail on social media engagement and search engine optimization to give a clearer view of the potential popularity that drives revenue from such investments. This way, bidders can decide what they feel is a competitive price and stick to it.”

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