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Primal Gym Now Scheduling 2015 Martial Arts Seminars


Lawrenceville, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/24/2014 -- With the many aspects of martial arts, experts come a dime a dozen. Jim McCann, a highly regarded instructor on mixed martial arts in the Princeton area, travels the world to teach seminars and conduct training sessions with a variety of individuals who are eager to reach their fitness goals. After unforgettable experiences teaching throughout 2014, McCann, owner and head coach at Primal Gym, is announcing that the company is beginning to schedule their martial arts seminars for 2015.

There are a variety of classes from which to choose. Whether interested in learning about weapons ground fighting, bare knuckle boxing, jeet kune do, knife takedowns, or any other form of martial arts, training seminars are customized to all groups interested. Groups, students, or seminar hosts are able to choose the material they would like to be covered throughout the sessions, from beginner to advanced mixed martial arts.

β€œ2014 was a great year having taught over 30 seminars on martial arts throughout the world in dozens of cities to hundreds of military, police and citizens,” McCann said. β€œIt has truly been my honor to train with and meet so many incredible people.”

Those interested in inquiring about the availability of the seminars can determine whether they want the atmosphere to be a learning environment, or if they would prefer private and semi-private training sessions. All details will be worked out when the contacting the premier gym for mixed martial arts near Trenton.

Once the coverage material is selected, pricing and seminar content will be discussed prior to McCann and Primal Gym arriving for the session. A syllabus is provided to all participants and attendees, as well as a template of promotional materials to aid in the advertising and marketing of the event. To hear more about the specifics regarding the seminars, please contact the company or visit their website today.

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